Deadwood Pruning, Thinning, and Structural Pruning

Tree Pruning From a Certified Arborist Serving King County & Snohomish County, WA

Deadwood Pruning

Branch and twig death (ie deadwood) can result from a varity of different reasons. Various pests and diseases, the health of the tree's root system, moisture content in the soil, air and soil pollution, lack of sun exposure, and wind damage can all result in the accumulation of dead wood in a tree's canopy. For the most part, deadwood in a tree's canopy results from lack of sun exposure to those particular branches and twigs. Without sun, the leaves or needles on those branches and twigs cannot produce enough energy (through photosynthesis) to sustain themselves. Deadwood in a tree can be unsightly and, depending on the size of the deadwood, pose a danger to people or objects below. Whether you are looking to beautify your trees, safeguard your valuables, or both, we at Sound Arbor LLC can efficiently and meticulously remove the deadwood out of your trees with our tree pruning services. Proudly serving King and Snohomish Counties.

Thinning and Wind Sail Reduction

Windsail reduction is a method of pruning in which the goal is to reduce wind resistance in a tree's canopy. By selectively reducing the number of branches within the canopy, wind will be better able to pass through the tree and the tree will be less likely to be blown over by the strong winds that occasionally come to the northwest. Windsail reduction is also a way to better safeguard large branches within the canopy. By thinning some of the smaller branches and twigs off the larger branches, there will be less wind force applied to the individual branches, and they will be less likely to break. Care has to be taken to povide the correct pruning dose. Too small of a pruning dose will not produce the desired wind resistance decrease. Too large of a pruning dose can stress the tree. Typically a correct windsail reduction will remove 10% to 25% of branches and foliage. This percentage will rely on the density of the tree's branches and foliage, as well as the tree's overall health. On trees with particularly sparce foliage, removal of only deadwood is probably a better option than a windsail reduction. The tree experts at Sound Arbor LLC can help you make a decision on the best course of action for your trees' health and the safety of your home.