Fine and Fruit Tree Pruning

Fine Pruning (Ornamentals)

Fine pruning of your ornamental trees and shrubs should be handled by professionals. There are correct ways to prune and very incorrect ways to prune. One wrong cut can cause serious damage to a tree's structure, health and/or shape.

Incorrect cuts can change your tree's appearance for forever or create a scenario by which costly regular maintenance is required to correct or counteract the effects of the improper cut. Incorrect cuts can introduce unnatural rapid epicormic growth (sprouting suckers), promote decay that will shorten a tree's life-span, or weaken a tree making it succeptable to disease and tip dieback.

There are many reasons to prune ornamental trees and shrubs:

  • House, Walkway, and Driveway Clearance
  • Pruning Damaged or Crossing/Binding Limbs
  • Pruning out Unsightly Deadwood
  • Thinning the Canopy
  • Pruning for Shape
  • Pruning for Structure

Let Sound Arbor handle the delicate pruning requirements for your ornamental trees and shrubs.